Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama: Republicans lash "Approvaresubito my plan at work"

It's called "American Jobs Act". A few dozen pages, that Barack Obama has waved from the White House Rose Garden on the occasion of his latest speech on the job. Surrounded by war veterans, teachers, policemen, small entrepreneurs – categories that his plan would help the President said that the program "recover the Americans to work and help the economy in a time of national crisis." Could not miss a new reference to Republicans to derail the plan: "No games, no politics, no delays: the plan must be passed immediately," said Obama.

Today's appeal is part of a strategy of real political marketing that the White House – in a particularly difficult moment for Obama and Democrats – is putting in place for several weeks. The President presented his program to work last Thursday, before Congress and on live television. The "American Jobs Act" – whose total value amounted to 447 billion dollars – wants to jump-start the labour market thanks to a series of tax cuts – especially the payroll tax, payroll-deduction, investment in infrastructure and programs update and insert into the world of work.

Immediately after the speech, last Friday, Obama has left for Virginia, where he repeated his appeal for a quick approval of the plan. This week will be in Ohio and North Carolina, always with the same objective. Say to the Americans as it is urgent to pass his proposal. Prove that for the White House work (or rather, lack of work, given that the unemployment rate remains higher than the 9 percent, and in certain population groups, such as African Americans, just 17) remains at the top of its priorities.

Obama's efforts, at the time, remain mostly rhetorical. It is unclear if and how the Republicans, who control the Chamber, will enable the White House plan goes to Congress. The words of Obama, last Thursday, received a polite but cool reception from John Boehner, speaker of the House, and other Gop leaders. The difficulties of the President, who last week reached a new low in its popularity indexes, could convince the Republicans to continue in the jurisdictions and obstructionist.

From the White House today, Obama explained that the work programme will be paid with a progressive reduction of the deficit. And one of the ways to reduce it, he repeated Obama, is to pay more taxes to the rich. "The rich and corporations must pay the right taxes – said the President. And Americans do not have the luxury to wait until the next elections, which are among 14 months ". The possibility of an increase in taxes for the richest meet hostility however decided Republicans, and has therefore very likely to pass, at least before the presidential elections of November 2012.

In addition to a cut in payroll tax, and incentives for entrepreneurs who assume indefinitely, the stimulus plan Obama's employment provides other 49 billion in unemployment; 60 billion of expenditures in infrastructure (particularly the resurfacing of roads and bridges); 25 billion for the modernization of schools, and 35 billion for salaries of teachers and police officers.